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In 2003 Opensky Capital, a specialized company in sales, marketing and administrative services for retail structured and alternative investment products, was created by Steven Marshall and National Bank Financial.

OpenSky Capital distributed and participated in the structuring of over $4.5 billion innovative investment products, including principal protected notes, publicly-traded closed-end funds and other similar retail investment products. Opensky was the largest, independent distributor in Canada with approximately 25% of the structured product market share. While at Opensky, Steven Marshall developed and streamlined a leading-edge method on how structured product is distributed through FundServe in Canada. To date, this method is still the most efficient and effective method to distribute structured product in Canada.

In early 2011 Hybrid Financial was launched by Steven Marshall along with several other highly respected senior executives to continue the unique strategy that began in 2003 with Opensky Capital.
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